Let Wayne Buy It: Simply Fit Board

NBC 5 Consumer Reporter Wayne Carter checks out products that you have interest in to help you decide if they're worth your money.

We took the Simply Fit board to a small studio off the North Central Expressway called "Bells and Barbells."

It's a gym where soon-to-be brides and grooms go to get fit before they get hitched.

"We base everything around the engagement time line," said owner and trainer Katherine Bahlburg.

Bahlburg watched an instructional video, and started rocking on the board before adding the twisting motion.

The manufacturer claims you could feel it in seconds, and NBC 5's consumer reporter, Wayne Carter, agreed he did as he tried it, but had problems staying balanced on the board.

It's a problem the manufacturer said would improve, and it did.

There are suggested workouts involving barbells and other motions which Bahlburg and Carter both tried. Bahlburg felt it was the technique behind the workouts creating the burn, not the Simply Fit board.

Katherine wasn't convinced the board was worth the cash, but Wayne said it would work for people who don't work out much.

Rosalie Brown created the Simply Fit board and said it's good for all ages and fitness levels saying adding simple dumbbell moves will intensify and increase your strength.

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