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Let Wayne Buy It: Copper Grill Mats

Grilling outside pretty much any time of year is one of the many perks living in North Texas. Cleanup is not fun, though, and the Yoshi Copper Grill mat promises to help.

Its makers claim you can grill out without all the mess.

We took the copper mats to Byron Barnes, a member of the Armed Forces who loves good food, particularly bacon.

"Bacon is food that has been sent to us from the gods," Barnes said.

Just back from service in the Middle East, his body clock is still off.

"When you're up late at night, you get the infomercials, and you see the grill mats," he said.

We'll give you one guess why he wanted one.

"It's not all about grilling bacon, but it is all about grilling bacon," he said.

We got to work with the mat, grilling steak, asparagus and bacon.

Right off the bat, Byron had a problem.

"I have a reduced cooking area because I am keeping it on the pad. But I like what's going on with this bacon over here," Barnes said.

The mats didn't full cover his grilling surface, but he liked having the option to cook on both sides, mainly because of the steak, which wasn't cooking with many grill marks like the mat promised.

"It looks like a fried steak, without any direct heat," Barnes said.

Knowing we would overcook it, we still moved the steak directly on the grill to show the difference in grill marks.

For everything else, the mat made the grade.

"I'm liking this mat," Barnes said.

Clean up was easy, too, nothing much to do.

We paid $10 for the grill mat at Target.

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