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Law Focused High School Helping Students See Career Opportunities

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Chrishara Williams wanted to do hair, it was the way she saw others in her neighborhood make money, but a school counselor suggested she give a second look to Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet.

"It's cool, it's like little arguments and I like arguments," said Williams.

The students are working on a hypothetical case based on the real-life Fyre Festival in the Bahamas. It was an event where many concert goers said they were duped into paying for cots on the beach. This version written by the Dallas bar association has people suing after they paid money for a similar event.

Marquis Nickerson is questioning the witnesses. He too wound up at this school by chance.

"My goal was to be a comedian, I spent my 7th-grade year and my 8th-grade year doing theater."

A teacher suggested law and he hasn't looked back.

"This courtroom I call it my sanctuary there are days, I'll just sit in here after class until 7 o'clock because of I love it," said Nickerson.

The students at Judge Barefoot Sanders Law Magnet won district competitions two years in a row, and are competing against schools across the state this weekend.

"I know it's going to help me with college. Mock trial has changed my life," said Williams.

From dreams of doing hair, to a plan to be a legal investigator, Chrishara Williams is charting her course for a win.

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