Late-Night Beer Run Ends Badly

Driver, dog, allowed to leave with only a citation

Three men alleged to have stolen a case of beer led Dallas County Sheriff's Deputies on a short, short chase overnight -- in a recreational vehicle.

Shortly after midnight Thursday, a clerk inside the Fuel City gas station at 800 Riverfront Boulevard said three men ran out of the store with 12 packs of Bud Light Lime and Michelob Ultra before hopping into a waiting RV.

As the RV pulled out the parking lot a Dallas County Sheriff's Deputy pulled in. The clerk, who had chased the men outside, flagged down the deputy and told him of the alleged theft.

The deputy took off after the RV and, with some backup, made a stop near Corinth Street and Riverfront.

With guns drawn, the three men, and their dog Lola, all exited the RV.

Two of the men were reported to have been arrested on shoplifting charges while the third man, the driver, was cited and allowed to drive Lola, and the RV, home.

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