Lanes Closed After Truck Jackknifed on I-45

Two left lanes on northbound Interstate 45 near Interstate 30 were closed early Wednesday morning to allow emergency crews to clean up a crash that sent the truck's engine flying out onto the roadway.

Dallas firefighters received the call about the crash at about 1:20 a.m.

The driver of the crashed truck told Dallas County Sheriff's Department deputies he was traveling northbound on I-45 when he lost control on the slick roadway and jackknifed the tractor-trailer.

The truck crashed into the center wall with a force hard enough to eject the engine out of the truck and onto the roadway.

Emergency crews have been working to clean up the spilled diesel fuel from the rig's tanks and pumped off the remaining fuel into barrels.

That fuel also leaked below the crash and onto Malcolm X Boulevard, delaying traffic on that road as well.

Amazingly, the driver of the big rig walked away from the crash uninjured and was seen on video speaking with police about the incident.

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