Jury Duty Scam Hits Dallas County

A jury duty scam that's been popping up around North Texas for at least a year has popped up in Dallas County.

The swindler calls a person's home telling them there is a warrant out for their arrest for failing to appear for jury duty. To avoid jail time, the caller tells the victim they must pay a bond right away.

The Dallas County Sheriff's Office says it's all a scam.

An 83-year-old man is the latest victim, he called NBC DFW to complain about never receiving a summons but owing money. When he found out it was a scam, he was too embarrassed to talk on camera.

The man said he gave the caller his credit card number to avoid going to jail, or so he thought. Luckily, his family caught the scam and canceled the payment before any charges were made.

Here are things you should know to avoid getting taken:

  • Don't Trust Caller ID: The ID on your phone may say you're getting a call from the sheriff's office, but that number can be spoofed.
  • Warrants Are Rare: Warrants for missing jury duty are rarely issued, but you should still do your civic duty!
  • Deputies Won't Call: The Dallas County Sheriff's Office says it never makes phone calls like this. If deputies are looking for you, they'll come knock on your door.

If you get a call claiming you need to pay up before you're arrested for missing jury duty, hang up. The same advice goes for calls from the IRS or even drug agents. Anyone who wants money over the phone should send up a huge red flag.

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