Johnny Quinn Breaks Through Yet Another Door — No Joke

Bobsledder Johnny Quinn finds himself stuck in an elevator, pries open door

Team USA bobsledder Johnny Quinn, recently famous for breaking through a jammed bathroom door in the Olympic Village Saturday, had to break out of yet another one Monday morning - an elevator door.

We're not kidding.

Quinn and bobsled teammate Nick Cunningham were in an elevator in Sochi when the elevator stopped and the door refused to open. It had to be pried open.

Cunningham was the first to tweet the bizarrely coincidental imprisonment, writing, "Of course I'm with @JohnnyQuinnUSA when the elevator door breaks and we get stuck! Good thing I'm with him!"

The tweet was accompanied by a photo of Quinn trying to pry the door open.

Not long after they freed themselves, Quinn tweeted out, "No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator."

In response to people's disbelief and the question of whether or not he was kidding, Cunningham tweeted another photo of Quinn struggling with the door, writing: "Not at all!"

Quinn's bathroom breakout Saturday earned him quite a few fans, including the actor William Shatner. Shatner tweeted Quinn Sunday, saying, "You've certainly made your mark. As I told Mr. Cunningham, take a piece of the door to tell your kids."

On Monday morning, not long before Quinn tore open yet another door, Shatner gave him these instructions: "No more shenanigans until you win a medal ;) Bill."

No word yet if Shatner approved of the most recent "shananigans."

UPDATE: Shatner tweets reaction to the most recent door debacle:

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