Jason Witten's Recipe for Cowboys Success

The Dallas Cowboys have not had back-to-back seasons with double-digit wins since the 1990s.

Coming off a 12-4 season in 2014, if that streak is to end in 2015, Cowboys players believe it will have to do with their approach to the game during the preseason and the rest of training camp.

"We went three years in a row going 8-8 and lost the division in Week 17," said tight end Jason Witten in an interview with NFL Network and other reporters. "Last year, we knew we needed to win. And there was an edge to us. There was an edge with the coaches and there was an edge to the players. We [knew] nobody was giving us a chance to be any good, but it was about us."

Head coach Jason Garrett and Cowboys veterans, like Witten, have emphasized during offseason workouts and training camp that what happened last season has zero impact on the upcoming year.

"Now that we've had a little bit of success – and it was just a little bit – you have to have the same edge and mentality if not more," said Witten. "That's the recipe for success. That's the only [way] we're going to be successful."

The Cowboys begin their preseason schedule Thursday night at San Diego.

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