It's Almost Official: Hutchison for Texas Governor (Maybe)

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison wants to change to her title to "governor." Maybe.

Hutchison hasn't formally announced her candidacy for governor, but a new video on her campaign Web site almost does it for her. The video gives Hutchison's credentials, but toward the end of the video, the narrator's voice says, "Kay Bailey Hutchison, the proven leadership we need in our next governor."

To campaign watchers, it sounds like she's officially running.

A call to the Hutchison campaign office asking if the senator was formally announcing her candidacy with the video were not returned.

But Rick Perry's campaign spokesman Mark Miner didn't waste any time, saying the new video "was boring, just like her campaign." Miner also said Hutchison has already been campaigning, while the governor [Perry] is working during the legislative session.

But Perry did do some campaigning last month in North Texas at several anti-tax tea parties. At several events, Perry told the crowd to text "fed up" to a number.

The number sends a text back to people, directing them to a Web site paid for by Perry's campaign.

A Rasmussen poll released on Thursday showed Perry with a four-point lead over Hutchison, 42 percent to Hutchison's 38 percent.

A Perry campaign spokesman said the numbers show Hutichson's popularity is eroding.

Hutchison's campaign spokesman Hans Klingler shot back with a response.

"Negative campaigning has long been a staple of Rick Perry," he said. "Consecutive polls show him at 39 and 42 percent. In the political dictionary, that’s the definition of an endangered species. Kay Bailey Hutchison has taken the high road because she knows Texans want a constructive, adult debate instead of rhetorical grandstanding and demagoguery." 

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