Investigation Into Death of Wylie's Angel Turns to Mother

Investigators say additional charges may be filed in the death of "Wylie's Angel," the 6-year-old boy whose body was found near Lavon Lake.

Darlene Phillips, the boy's maternal grandmother, is charged with murder in Gerren Isgrigg's death. She is accused of abandoning him in Eastfork Park two weeks ago.

Wylie police say the investigation into his death is ongoing. Investigators are now looking into how he came to live with his grandmother.

Police said they have not found legal documentation that indicates Phillips was the boy's legal guardian. Investigators said they believe his mother, Nyki Phillips, was still his legal guardian.

Her former husband, a Marine stationed in California, did not have custody of the boy and had not seen him in three years.

Nyki Phillips, who lives in Oklahoma, had not seen her son in three months, police said. Police are investigating the lack of contact and looking into what, if any, communication she had with her mother about the boy's care.

Investigators with Child Protective Services say a criminal charge of neglect can be made any time a child is left in an unsafe environment or a place where his or her needs cannot be met.

Isgrigg had severe developmental and medical challenges and required a feeding tube. At age 6, he was not much bigger than a toddler.

Phillips reportedly has professional experience in caring for people with special needs, but investigators said that does not mean she was willing or able to care for the child.

Police said parents or legal guardians cannot legally leave their child with a loved one for an extended period of time if there are reasonable concerns for the child's safety or care.

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