Huge Snapping Turtle Rescued from Floods

Wildlife has a way of coming out from hiding during times of flooding.

Riki Miller from Riki's Reptile Relocations got the call about a huge snapping turtle in a backyard near Buffalo Bayou in Houston.

"This guy had to have weighed 100 pounds, give or take," Miller posted on her Facebook.

She says the bayou rose high enough to carry it over the fence, leaving it stranded in a steep corner of the yard.

In the snap of a finger, the turtle was placed in a wheelbarrow and sent away to its wet, murky home.

"For us reptile people, it's a once in a lifetime find...they're not very common due to habitat loss and poaching," said Riki.

Harris County, along with much of Southeast Texas, remained under a Flash Flood Watch Wednesday as another wave of rain moves in on the region.

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