Matt Jackson

How to Get a Fully Cooked Brisket Delivered Overnight

To properly smoke a brisket takes a lot of time. If you're running short on time, or perhaps you don't have an extra 15 or 20 hours in your day to tend a fire and spritz a brisket, it's good to know that some barbecue specialists at Texas A&M University do. And they're eager to lend you a hand with your next tailgating party or family dinner.

Some of the same folks who host cooking seminars such as Camp Brisket and Beef 101 also operate a retail butcher shop and smokehouse at the campus' Rosenthal Meat Science and Technology Center. Beginning this month and through the winter holidays, they're adding slow-smoked briskets to their retail market. Rosenthal facility manager and Camp Brisket instructor Ray Riley says the briskets are hickory-smoked for 15 or 20 hours, low-and-slow, until they're fully cooked. Then they're cooled, vacuum sealed and packed for overnight FedEx delivery.

"They're different from the briskets we cook at Camp Brisket," Riley says. "A little less smoky, more mildly flavored, and with a more tender bark. But they're delicious, and perfect for football games, tailgating and holiday dinners."

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