How Texas is Affected by Government Shutdown

Presidential libraries across the United States will be closed on Monday as the government shutdown continues.

However, the George W. Bush Presidential Center in Dallas will be open.

Most national parks such as Big Bend will remain open to visitors.

But, visitor centers may be closed and the Big Bend park system website states that visitor services, including restrooms and trash collection, will not be provided during the shutdown.

Texas is home to nearly 200,000 federal employees, including 46,000 in North Texas, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Most of these employees are considered ‘non-essential’ personnel and will be subject to furloughs.

The Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base in Fort Worth will not shutdown completely. However civilian workers will also be furloughed, according to DMN.

When it comes to passports, the federal government states that scheduled passport services will continue during the shutdown.

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