Historic, Dilapidated Bridge in Oak Cliff Could Come Down

A section of the former Texas Electric Railway Interurban Line in Oak Cliff is in disrepair.  After more than 100 years, engineers from Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) say it’s decayed to the point where the only reasonable thing to do is take it down in the interest of public safety.

The Texas Department of Transportation recommended that back in 2001.

However, the more than century-old bridge is eligible to be part of the National Register of Historic Places.  That means the Dallas Landmark Commission must sign off on its demise.

Commissioners are expected to vote on that Monday.

DART points out columns are cracked, re-bar is corroding and expansion joints are failing.  People like Wowochas Garcia, who lives and works in the area, say it’s time to do something.

“Little rocks have been falling,” said Garcia.  “We picked some up the other day because of traffic and we had a garage sale.  Rocks have been falling here and there over time and anything can happen.  A car can go by, a rock could fall and cause a wreck or it could fall on somebody as they’re walking through on the sidewalk.”

A task force is recommending demolition of the bridge over Clarendon Drive with the idea that some remnants of the bridge will stay in place and continue to be part of the 10th Street Historic District.

If approved Monday, demolition could happen as early as next weekend.

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