Hillsboro's 1929 Snowstorm Certified This Week as All-Time Record

Wednesday marked the anniversary of the all-time snowfall record for the state of Texas.

Eighty-eight years ago 26 inches of snow fell on Hillsboro. Interestingly, this record was just certified this week.

The National Weather Service announced Tuesday, Dec 19 that, after years of research, the new record for the highest 24-hour snowfall now belongs to Hillsboro.

The previous record was held by Follett, Texas with 25 inches in 2009. 

This new research concludes that the whopping 26 inches of snow in Hillsboro (on Dec 20-21, 1929) now takes the top spot. 

Hillsboro is only 60 miles south of DFW, and amazingly, DFW only received a dusting of snow. 

The narrow band of heavy snow stayed just south of DFW. Below is a map of the snow totals. Notice the bulls-eye of 24-26 inches down in Hill and Bosque counties. 

To learn more on how this winter storm evolved and to see photos from the historic day, visit weather.gov.

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