Highland Village Offering Free At-Home Drug Tests to Parents

The City of Highland Village is now offering free drug testing kits to local parents as a tool in the fight against teen drug use.

Teaming with the website, TestMyTeen.com, the Highland Village Police Department opened up the program.

Parents can go to the city’s website and print off a voucher good for one test kit from the website for only the cost of shipping.

The company claims the test can detect several different types of illegal substances within just a few minutes of taking a urine sample.

Police hope it will serve as a proactive way for parents to both discourage drug use in their kids and open a dialogue about the issue. Plus, officers said it can actually be a help to students who are feeling pressured to try drugs.

"When they go out with their friends and their friends offer them something illegal, they can say, 'No guys, I can't do that because my parents test me,’” said Marcus High School Resource Officer Cpl. David Harney.

Police said they can provide one test per family.

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