High Winds, Storm Damage Rockwall County Homes

National Weather Service reports straight lines winds caused damage in Fate

Several families in Rockwall County are cleaning up debris after an early-morning storm rolled through the area causing damage to several structures.

“It sounded like a freight train coming through the backyard,” said Mike Pelletier, whose roof was damaged by the storm.

The National Weather Service reported it was not a tornado, but rather straight-line winds that hit the City of Fate with winds gusts up to 65 mph.

“You’re asleep at six in the morning and all of a sudden you get hit by something unexpected,” said John Donaldson, who had his fence damaged.

Several homes were damaged there because of the storm that tore shingles off rooftops and ripped fences from their foundation.

“We found out that part of the fence is in the neighbor’s pool two doors up,” said Donaldson. “Another piece is in the road across the street.”

Down the street from Donaldson’s subdivision, a barn was destroyed while three horses were inside during the storm.

“Thank God they’re all right,” said Randy Cawthon, referring to the horses. “We'll replace everything you see here.”

No Injuries have been reported because of the storm.

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