Help Needed to Identify Woman's Body

Woman had four tattoos, may have been from Dallas

Ellis County investigators are seeking help from the public in identifying a woman whose body was found last week.

According to officials, the body of a woman was found July 23 in a wooded area near the 1400-block of Black Champ Road.

So far, investigators have had no luck in determining the woman's identity.  They believe she was black and said she stood approximately 5 feet 4 inches tall and weighed about 115 pounds.  She was found wearing a black or dark gray tank top, blue jean shorts and white Nike athletic shoes with purple laces.  The woman also had at least four tattoos -- on the left calf, right calf, right shoulder and upper left breast (pictured).

Investigators believe the woman may have disappeared on or after the afternoon of July 17 and that she may be from Dallas.

To help aid in her identification, investigators released an artists rendering of what the woman looked like.

Anyone with information on the identity of the woman is requested to contact investigator Joe Fitzgerald at 972-825-4928.

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