Hail Damages Chihuly Exhibit at Dallas Arboretum

One sculpture suffers only minor damage in large hail storm

Hail punched holes in several pieces of glass artwork on display at the Dallas Arboretum Wednesday.

The vast majority of the Dale Chihuly exhibit escaped the storm unscathed, but a few pieces of delicate glass in the Persian Pond sculpture were damaged by large hail.

Wendy Rentz, with the Dallas Arborteum, said they had between golf ball-sized and softball-sized hail fall at the Arboretum, but out of the two dozen sculptures in the outdoor exhibit, only the one was damaged.

"We consider ourselves very lucky.  Texas weather is unpredictable. We knew that bringing this exhibit here, the studio knew that and we feel very fortunate," said Rentz.

Rentz said the damage would only take a short time to clean up on Wednesday, after which they would reopen the Persian Pond garden to the public.  The rest of the Arboretum, and exhibit, remained open after the storm.

As for the broken pieces of the exhibit, the broken pieces will be replaced.  The cost of the replacements are not yet known, but the Arboretum did say the exhibit was insured for $22 million.

NBC 5's Andrew Tanielian contributed to this report.

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