Grapevine Roads Closing Due to High Water

Heavy rains and flash flooding has closed roads in Grapevine.

Farm-to-Market Road 2499 is open Friday afternoon, but will likely close again at some point over the weekend as water levels rise and fall in Denton Creek, officials said.

Kimball Road, north of Snakey Lane, is closed at the low point along Lake Grapevine, which is already up 3 feet, and will likely stay closed through the weekend.

Chief Daryl Brown said flooding in the area is common.

“That area does have a tendency to flood. And water is just running out and its just a little more than what the storm drains can handle so we have to close the road temporarily until we get a break in the rain, let the water run off and then they open it back up," Brown said. "The residents here, they’re all pretty well away of this and we monitor it and we put the barricades up when necessary.”

With three fatalities already confirmed and attributed to high water, drivers are urged to remember, "Turn Around, Don't Drown."

A fourth person, a 70-year-old woman, is presumed dead after her vehicle was swept downstream Friday.

"The search for the female victim will resume once the flood waters have receded and the water current is safe enough for an underwater search," the Fort Worth Fire Department said.

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