Grapevine Police Search for Serial Burglar

Grapevine police are asking for the public's help in track down the man they're now calling a serial burglar.

Investigators said it's possible he's hit numerous stores across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. So far, they say he's broken into at least four stores in Grapevine; the first three being nail salons and the fourth a resale store for children's clothing, Kid to Kid.

Store owner Brittany Tucker was home sleeping the other week when she received a phone call from police saying someone broke into her store.

"He broke through there, with a rock. Climbed in, went straight behind the counter and checked all the registers. Then looked in every single cabinet and drawer behind there, looking obviously for the money," Tucker said.

Surveillance video caught the man on camera rummaging through her store.

"You can see the clothes flying in the air," she said. "When we got here the clothes were all over the parking lot. All the way to his car, or whoever was out there waiting for him."

"He's hit not only our city, but several other cities in the Metroplex as well," said Sgt. Robert Eberling, with the Grapevine Police Department.

Eberling said the man goes after anything he can get his hands on, from cash to laptops and merchandise.

Tucker said investigators told her it's possible the man could be responsible for up to 10 burglaries.

"I don't get it! I don't understand people like that," Tucker said.

Tucker said she's worried more businesses and people could be at risk.

"Not that nail salons aren't a big deal, but from going from that to retail I think could change his whole mindset because he could steal so many more things and sell them or do whatever he wanted with them. I think it's a really big deal," she said.

If you know anything about the crimes you are asked to call the police.

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