Grand Prairie Pressing Forward With City Wide Service Day Rain or Shine

City of Grand Prairie

A lot of people in Grand Prairie are hoping the weather will cooperate Saturday -- at least for a few hours -- as they prepare to do some real good in their community.

The city's second annual "Big Event" kicks off at 9:00am in the parking lot of South Grand Prairie High School.

From there, groups will break off and go around the city completing dozens of service projects -- everything from helping veterans and the elderly do yard work to cleaning up city parks and neighborhoods.

More than 1,800 people were pre-registered to participate in The Big Event and walk-ups were welcome to join.

"We have a fabulous city and community that is ready to give back and to meet any need that might be there," said City Council Member Jorja Clemson, who helped launch the event. "So it was an easy sell."

Clemson found the inspiration for The Big Event from her grandson, who attends Texas A&M. The university has done a campus-wide day of service -- also called The Big Event -- for years. And when he told her about it, she thought it would translate well to their city.

"We don't have a university in Grand Prairie -- but that shouldn't stop us," said Clemson. "What we do have here is a heart for service to the community."

Clemson said they plan to press forward with the event rain or shine.

"We plan to go out either way," said Clemson. "We've been praying for good weather -- and that the rain will hold until the afternoon. Whether it does or whether it doesn't, we're going to be there and make the best of it."

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