Grand Jury Declines to Charge Arlington Officer in Fatal Shooting

The Tarrant County grand jury has decided not to take action against an Arlington police officer who shot and killed a man back in February.

Police had stopped a vehicle driven by Tavis Crane, and during the traffic stop, Crane's vehicle suddenly reversed, backing over Cpl. Elise Bowden.

Officer Craig Roper then shot Crane as he attempted to drive away, and Crane later died from his injuries.

Bowden was injured but did recover.

The Tarrant County District Attorney's Office released dash camera video on Thursday that shows the traffic stop and a struggle between Crane and officers.

At the time of the incident, Crane's family and attorneys claimed the officers initiated the struggle and then shot Crane. Police say the dash-cam video backs up Roper.

In a statement, District Attorney Sharen Wilson thanked the jurors.

"We respect the Grand Jurors' decision, and appreciate the time they have committed to serve the citizens of this county," she said.

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