Governor Abbott on States Overriding Certain Local Ordinances

Gov. Greg Abbott delivered a shorter version of his State of the State at a Dallas Chamber event on Tuesday.

“No one goes around saying 'make Texas great again.' We are already great,” said Abbott.

He touted the economy and thanked the chamber for advancing development.

“Our economy is doing so well right now. If Texas were its own nation, we would have the 10th ranked economy in the entire world,” he added.

On stage, there was no mention of comments Abbott made regarding state control over local ordinances. 

The Texas Tribune reported he called for a broad-based law that could pre-empt local regulations in certain cases.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott gives a State of the State speech to the Dallas Regional Chamber, March 28, 2017.

He told NBC 5 political reporter Julie Fine he is sticking with what he said.

“All people would have to do is read the 10th Amendment and the way the United States was created. It puts states in charge of running government in the United States of America,” he said.

However, some local lawmakers don’t see it that way.

“It is important that we reflect the values of our community in our ordinances and not have the state override those,” said City Council Member Lee Kleinman.

Judge Clay Jenkins, D-Dallas, is also against the idea.

“I think it’s very short-sighted for the state to come in and think they can meet for 150 days every two years, and out-think the local community,” said Jenkins.

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