Get Fired Up About Work

Nonprofit group helps those making tough decisions

Demand for services is up at a nonprofit group that helps people rediscover their passion for work and the commitment to serve.

North Texas Courage & Renewal has a 10-year track record of providing professional development retreats to help people reconnect who they are with what they do.  It's mission is to serve those who are leading or serving communities.

"They're both responsible for the mission of the organization and the bottom line, and those aren't matching up well right now," explained executive director Cindy Johnson.  "We need to be there to offer the support for people who are making the hard decisions."

The support comes in one-day or extended retreats where participants take time to talk, listen, reflect and explore questions about life and work.

"It's hard to stay grounded and focused and compassionate all at the same time," said Johnson. "So, someone can come and spend a day at one of the retreats and have a chance to think about 'What do I value?' What does my company value?'"

In order to reach out to more people, the CRNT board reformatted programs, lowered prices and set up a financial assistance fund.

The one-day retreat on July 10, called Taking Stock: Listening to My Life, is specifically geared toward those going through a job transition or a life change.  The normal fee of $125 drops to $75 for registrations before June 10. 

In addition to the daylong events, CRNT also custom designs on-site retreats for organizations and businesses.

CRNT is located at 1229 Seventh Avenue in Fort Worth's medical district and can be reached at 817-882-8222 or

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