Gas Leak Kills Three People, Three Pets

Three people and three pets have died from what appears to be a carbon monoxide leak.

Officials said the three victims and their three dogs were found at the Kensington Motor Lodge on the 1900 block of Houston Street in Grand Prairie on Monday afternoon.

A relative had become concerned after not hearing from them since Friday and called police to check on them.

But witnesses saw the victims, Adelian Pardes Cipriano, 62, James Gomez, 48 and Cipriano's 30-year-old son Jessie, as early as Monday morning. 

Det. John Brimer said the deaths appear to be accidental and all three appear to have died from asphyxiation. 

The Fire Department and Gas Company conducted inspections of the remaining apartments and did a pressure check on the lines.  Their findings are not available at this time.  Residents were allowed to return to their apartments later in the evening.

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