Fun in the Sun: Arlington Campers Not Sweating Summer Heat

On the shores of Lake Arlington, there are no iPads, computers, or TVs – and a group of about 50 kids who spent the day there Tuesday couldn't care less.

“I really enjoy sitting out in the sun,” said 9-year-old Shepard Collins.

They’ll spend the entire week at the lake with Camp Kitsu, an outdoor adventure camp run by Arlington Parks & Recreation.

During that time, they’ll learn how to fish, how to canoe, and how to shoot a bow-and-arrow.

“It gives them a chance to do something they wouldn’t have otherwise gotten maybe to experience being here in Arlington,” said Diana Younts, Recreation Program Coordinator for Arlington Parks & Rec.

Doing those things means kids and counselors will spend a great deal of time out in the Texas heat – but they’re not sweating it. There are plenty of shaded spots around, there is always water on hand and the kids know when enough is enough.

“They get their breaks, they get water days, they get to go swimming, and on some of their field trips, they get to go to water parks,” said Younts. “So, they get some relief.”

“Sometimes [the heat bothers me] like when it’s really hot,” said 10-year-old Eivhlin Steele. “But most of the time it doesn’t.”

Besides, there are plenty of other things for the kids to focus on besides the heat – like hitting a bullseye, reeling in a fish and paddling back to land.

“I love the outdoors,” said Steele.

The kids do spend some time indoors each day to get a break from the heat.

There are still spots left for the final two weeks of Camp Kitsu.

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