Frisco ISD 5th Grader Donates Soccer Cleats to South Africa

Her goal was to get soccer equipment to kids in need thousands of miles away.

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Brinley Gross is a fifth grader at Frisco ISD’s Boals Elementary school. She is also a member of the Texans Soccer Club. She also loves to read.

She and her classmates were assigned a “Passion to Action” project in class. Each person has to come up with a way to help others through something they are passionate about.

“She remembered reading about children in South Africa playing soccer in their bare feet,” her grandmother Whitney Gross said. “For her project, she made a video and asked friends and family to donate gently used soccer cleats and balls for her to send to South Africa.”

She named the project Goals Around the Globe.

Whitney Gross
Children from Sweetwater, South Africa.

“She reached out to her aunt’s former coach and he had a charity in Sweetwater, South Africa that he travels to at least twice a year,” Gross said.

That was her way to get the equipment to kids in need thousands of miles away.

“I collected 134 pairs of cleats and 40 soccer balls to send to children in South Africa,” Brinley Gross said. “I have been playing [soccer] since I was three years old. I would like to share my love of the sport with others around the world.”

She hopes her act of kindness that started in a classroom will serve as a moral lesson for others.

“I hope other people see it is important to be kind and we can all make a difference in other people’s lives,” Brinley said.

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