Dallas Morning News

Frisco Cuts ‘Pay to Play' Fees for Middle, High School Athletic Programs

After just two years, parents in Frisco will no longer have to pay for their kids to play sports in middle and high schools.

According to a report in The Dallas Morning News, the Frisco Independent School District will cancel athletics fees in the 2019-2020 school year and will also review all other extra-curricular fees.

The fees were approved in 2017 after the state slashed funding and voters rejected a tax increase in 2016; parents were forced to pay $100 for middle school athletes and $200 for high school athletes who wanted to play organized sports for the school.

The Dallas Morning News reported Thursday that, "now that the district is receiving an estimated $25.2 million from the state as a result of a school funding overhaul, Frisco ISD's board of trustees agreed Wednesday to temporarily remove the athletics fees while studying all extra-curricular costs."

If needed, the athletics fees could return in 2020-2021.

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