Fort Worth

Fort Worth's New Anti-Panhandling Program Provides New Way To Help Homeless

The city of Fort Worth wants you to think twice before handing over your spare change to panhandlers.

On Wednesday, the city released its new initiative to educate people on the right way to donate their money and, hopefully in turn, curb aggressive panhandling. 

Fort Worth citizens who find themselves wanting to give to a panhandler are now encouraged to text "FWCHANGE" to 41444. Their donations will benefit the Tarrant County Homeless Coalition.

The donated funds will go towards providing housing-related services, bus tickets, motel vouchers, and more. 

The city says panhandling is a violation of their city ordinance. In 2017, Fort Worth Police issued 691 citations for soliciting contributions on the street, and 210 citations for aggressive panhandling.

The city hopes this new program will help get more funding to where its needed most. 

You can learn more about the program on the city's website by clicking here.  

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