Fort Worth’s Bell Unveils Air Taxis at CES 2019

Air taxis will take off in Dallas-Fort Worth by 2023, Uber says

Fort Worth-based Bell is showing off a full-scale model of its vertical takeoff and landing air taxi at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week.

And North Texans may be able to hail one for a trip across town in the coming years.

Bell on Monday announced its partners in developing the Bell Nexus. One of the first to partner with Uber, Bell says the hybrid-electric air taxi will use six tilting fans to take off and land vertically from a rooftop or launchpad.

It's a key component of Uber's plans to create a rideshare network made up of flying cars.

CNBC reports the Bell Nexus will be launched to and from vertiports around Dallas-Fort Worth and Los Angeles by 2023, with initial testing beginning as early as mid-2020. Uber called the Nexus a "major step in its push to creating "an on-demand Uber Air network," the report said.

Two Dallas-based companies revealed their vertiport, or skyport, concepts at the Uber Elevate summer in May of last year.

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