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Fort Worth Zoo Takes Action in Response to Rising Avian Flu Cases

Fort Worth Zoo
NBC 5 News

The Fort Worth Zoo has announced that it will take action in response to a recent outbreak of avian influenza around the country.

The highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) has prompted Zoos across North America to move their birds indoors and away from people and wildlife.

Nearly 23 million chickens and turkeys have already been killed across the United States to limit the spread of the virus, and zoos are working hard to prevent any of their birds from meeting the same fate.

The Fort Worth Zoo said veterinarians and animal curators have been monitoring the bird flu outbreak, and a preparedness plan has been put in place.

Visitors at the Fort Worth Zoo might notice few birds in their habitats as aviaries are closed, and pools and ponds are drained, zoo officials said.

According to the Fort Worth Zoo, there will be increased cleaning and disinfecting efforts taking place, and foot traffic to certain areas of the zoo will be limited.

So far, no outbreaks have been reported at zoos, but there have been wild birds found dead that had the flu.

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