Fort Worth

Fort Worth to Dog Owners: ‘Fence Them In'

The U.S. Postal Service ranks Fort Worth 16th among cities where a mail carrier is most likely to be bitten by a dog.

About 100 Fort Worth residents are bitten by dogs every month, so the City of Fort Worth is telling dog owners to "fence them in."

Fence Them In is a new educational campaign designed to reduce the number of stray dogs.

The campaign targets 10 ZIP codes across the city. Fort Worth's 13 code compliance officers will work closely with police officers and postal workers to report aggressive and stray dogs.

The city will offer more low-cost spay and neuter events and put up door hangers and postcards reminding people to take care of their pets.

"Our code officers on Fridays will go and do active patrol in neighborhoods where we have high incidents of strays and high incidents of bites, looking for those fences," Code Compliance Director Brandon Bennett said.

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