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Fort Worth Set to Vote on $400 Million Bond Issue

Money would largely fund street improvements

Fort Worth voters go to the polls Saturday to decide the biggest bond issue in city history -- $400 million that would fund mostly street improvements but also new libraries, community centers, and fire stations.

The largest single expenditures would go to road projects in North Fort Worth, where city leaders say development has not kept up with booming growth.

North Fort Worth Alliance president Rusty Fuller, who represents 32 homeowner associations, said old two-lane streets surround large new subdivisions, causing gridlock especially during morning and evening commutes.

"The development happened so fast up here, the city is catching up and that's what this bond issue is doing,” Fuller said.

Busy Harmon Road, for example, would go from two lanes to four.

Another $8 million would go for new lanes and landscaping on West 7th Street.

North Fort Worth residents would also get a new animal shelter. The city’s current facility is located on the city’s southeast side.

"As we begin this growth pattern in the city, and its tremendous growth, the only way to really keep up with it is to sell a bond package about every four years,” said city council member Dennis Shingleton.

The city is obligated to spend the money as promised. Any future changes must be approved by the City Council.

Voters will decide whether to fund six categories of spending. Here is a breakdown:

  • $261 million for streets and mobility infrastructure
  • $84 million for parks and recreation
  • $10 million for libraries
  • $12 million for fire safety
  • $14 million for animal care and shelter facility
  • $18 million for police facilities

For a detailed list of the proposed projects, click here.

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