Parker County

Fort Worth Science Museum Moving Dinosaur Display

Paluxysaurus discovered in Parker County in 1988

How do you move a dinosaur?

"Piece by piece," said David McCauley, fabrications manager at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History.

The museum is moving a 60-foot, 74-piece paluxysaurus from a side room to the front lobby this week.

The dismantling project started Tuesday and was expected to take two or three days.

But it went so fast, crews took apart the dinosaur display in just one day.

McCauley said his fear was breaking a dinosaur bone millions of years old.

"We didn't have anything break today so we're real glad about that," McCauley said.

The paluxysaurus was excavated in Parker County and has been on display at the museum ever since.

Museum president Van Romans said the front lobby is the best location to better showcase the display.

"We think this is a perfect spot for it especially in light of our 75th anniversary," he said. "There's one thing we have, and that's dinosaurs."

"Whether it's a young child or the child in all of us, we still love dinosaurs," said deputy director Kit Goolsby.

A previous version of this story reported the dinosaur was discovered by a seven-year-old boy. Museum officials now say the boy discovered another dinosaur, which later led to the discovery of the one moved.

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