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One Dead in Officer-Involved Shooting in Fort Worth

A man is dead after a confrontation with two Fort Worth police officers Tuesday evening on the city's east side, polic say.[[420420313,R]]

Investigators said officers were dispatched to a domestic disturbance in the 3900 block of Mount Vernon Avenue at about 5:30 p.m.

While on the way to that home, the officers spotted a man walking a couple blocks away in the 4000 block of East Lancaster Avenue carrying a long gun. 

The officers pulled over and confronted the man, ordering him to drop the weapon. Police said the man did not comply and instead pointed his gun at the officers.

"That individual raised the long gun toward officers," said Fort Worth Police Sgt. Marc Povero. "The officer with the shotgun, fearing for his life and partner's life, fired on the man."

The man was hit twice and died at the scene.

Stray pellets from the officer's shotgun hit a nearby car window. A woman and child sitting inside were taken to the hospital with minor cuts from shattered glass.

The officers were responding to a domestic call at a home a couple blocks away on Mount Vernon.

A woman in that home told NBC 5 her stepfather got out his long gun in the house and was intoxicated. She called police. The man then walked over to Lancaster and officers arrived to see him pacing there, holding the gun.

Police said they have responded to seven suicide attempts at the house in the past year and four times have had to commit the man who lived there.

"Our officers have training in dealing with that," Povero said, referring to mental health training. "However, when someone is brandishing a fire arm and threatening our officers, that training reverts to their training in how to save their life and the life of their partner or protecting the citizens."

Neighbors describe a friendly and kind family. Though they knew there were troubles in the home, they never expected this.

"They had their issues, everybody has their issues," said neighbor Brittany O’Neal. "It was sad, it was a sad situation. But they stayed in our prayers a lot and they're sweet people."

The man's stepdaughter also said her stepfather was never violent but did have mental health problems.

A neighbor told NBC 5 that he served in the military and returned from combat troubled.

Police do have body camera video from one of the officers they'll be reviewing and they're asking anyone who may have shot cell phone video to call police at 817-392-4222.

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