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Fort Worth Police Investigate Source of Leak in Viral Video Arrest

Announcement expected in next few days

An investigation into who leaked confidential Fort Worth police files in the case of an officer's controversial arrest has zeroed in on at least one suspect, and an announcement is expected by the end of the week, according to multiple sources.

The probe started in late January when someone leaked information from Officer William Martin's personnel file and also his body-camera footage of the arrest of Jacqueline Craig and her two daughters.

The scandal started in late December when cell phone video of the arrests went viral on social media.

Craig had call police to complain her neighbor, upset that her young son littered on his lawn, choked the boy.

Martin ended up arresting Craig on outstanding traffic warrants after questioning why she didn't teach her son not to litter and suggested the neighbor had a right to grab the boy.

Fort Worth Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald found the officer mishandled the situation and used excessive force and suspended him for 10 days.

Protesters demanded the officer be fired and charged with a crime.

Then, three weeks ago, somebody leaked the officer's own body-cam video of the same incident.

Police said it was illegal to release the department video because it showed juveniles.

The release of Martin's private internal files also was illegal, police said.

Fitzgerald vowed to find the source of the leaks and file criminal charges, if possible.

Investigators seized the computers and cell phones of some high-ranking officers.

Rumors swirled through the department Tuesday about the source of the leak, but the chief said there was nothing he could say.

"Since this is an active investigation, as is our policy, there will be no further comment," Fitzgerald said in an emailed statement.

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