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Fort Worth Nonprofit in Need of Volunteers to Help People Experiencing Homelessness

Cloud Covered Streets is looking for hair stylists, barbers, massage therapists, and general volunteers to help them meet basic personal care needs for people experiencing homelessness.

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Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday the Cloud Covered Streets trailer rolls into a Fort Worth neighborhood and sets up a one-stop-shop for tasks most people don't give a second thought about doing.

"They feed you, they give you clothes, they freshen you up, and it's a new day," client Charles Green said smiling. "I came here smelling like a polar bear. I leave here smelling like a French poodle!"

Cloud Covered Streets offers showers and laundry services in its trailer. There are new socks, underwear, t-shirts, and shorts for clients to wear after they shower.

"It makes me feel like, phew," Green said exhaling. "It's dirt off my back and a fresh scent."

The nonprofit also tries to have a stylist or barber volunteer on-site to give haircuts, shaves, and beard trims. Cloud Covered Streets is looking for more volunteers with professional grooming skills to help more people.

"We can't help everybody every single day, but those that we can, it's definitely fulfilling," Cloud Covered Streets Communications Director Sarah Daniel said. "That haircut is something that we take for granted, just like a shower every day, but the confidence that somebody can have after getting a haircut!"

It's priceless.

"I love to cut hair," volunteer stylist Micelle Storrs said. "I get to come out here and make people look good and feel good about themselves and clean them up and make their day better; make them smile when they look in the mirror and they see their hair and they're like, wow!"

That's exactly what one client did when he looked at his fresh cut, done alfresco. "Woah," he said smiling.

"They give me so much enjoyment just being around them because they're smiling, they're always smiling and they're always encouraging you to do better," Green said. "I mean God bless America, but God bless these people right here."

If you're interested in volunteering, click here for more information.

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