Fort Worth Midnight Basketball League Hoping for Help

After months of planning, the new Fort Worth Midnight Basketball League has hit a roadblock that threatens to derail the project if help isn’t found.

The league which hoped to start this week is designed to give area youth alternatives to crime and offer life opportunities.

“Just for the guidance and education with basketball of the things that we can help with as far as lifestyle," Coach Harold Stewart said. "And way beyond basketball are the different disciplines it is able to teach you like teamwork."

“The kids are ready,” Rev. Kyev Tatum said.

Tatum said the volunteers and coaches are in place, but they have been hitting several dead ins trying to find a location for the kids to play.

“We've run into this road block of resistance. The schools want an exorbitant amount of money, The city wants an exorbitant amount of money. They are limiting the time that we can use,” Tatum said. “We just can't afford it. We are at a point now where we have been reaching out our hands and no one is reaching back to help."

They hoped to have the program in place by the time the youth get out of school for Christmas break.

"So we're looking at December right now. It's been very frustrating especially when the only thing you want to do is help,” Coach Harold Stewart said, “You want to help and pave a way for the guys. Not having that teamwork and people working with you with the same mindset it's very tough."

The group hopes a local church, gym or activity center can host the youth.

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