Fort Worth Group Raising Awareness of Child Sex Trafficking

Throughout North Texas a lot of people will be wearing blue today ahead of a sex trafficking awareness meeting scheduled for tonight in Burleson.

This year, National Human Trafficking Awareness Month includes the “Wear Blue" campaign to signify a united effort to combat the issue of human trafficking.

“Not In My Neighborhood” is a nonprofit to raise awareness of child sex trafficking that was started by four women in Fort Worth from the Oakhurst and Riverside area.

“People in this area probably don’t think it’s happening here,” said Sharon Buse who is one of the founders. “I am so passionate about this because I have a friend whose daughter was trafficked in Fort Worth.

"Bottom line is it could happen to anyone. It could happen to my family or yours," Buse said. "It’s not always the child that has trouble at home or the child living in poverty or living in homelessness. It could happen to anyone’s child and that’s something we as a society need to help stop.”

The non-profit has been operating for a year.

Experts from Alliance for Children, the Homeland Security North Texas Trafficking Division and the Fort Worth Police Department Human Trafficking Unit will be presenting.

“We want to let people know what is happening out there,” said Cathy Siefert who is also one of the founders. “We want to grab the attention locally in our neighborhood, in our city, and the entire state of Texas. Its growing and we need to put an end to it,” said Siefert.

The awareness meeting will be held at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Burleson starting at 6:30p.m. Registration for the event is suggested but not required.

Online: registration form

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