Fort Worth Detective Reflects on Policing, Killing of Atatiana Jefferson

Fort Worth Police Department Detective JC Williams intended his Facebook post on policing and the killing of Atatiana Jefferson for his friends and family but it has since taken off, attracting hundreds of shares and comments.

"The main purpose in my mind for that post was unity and reconciliation," Williams said.

In the post, Williams writes in part: "We as cops need to say 'We're sorry.' I did not fire the shot, but a guy on 'my team' did. And I have to own that."

On Friday, Williams reiterated that point.

"When people say I don't feel safe, or I don't trust the police they are not just making that up, it's not just some lie," he said. "You have two options, you can either disagree or go over there and say let me see where you are coming from because that will cause you to be a better officer, that's going to cause you to better serve them."

Williams' father and grandfather were both Fort Worth police officers and for the 13-year veteran of FWPD, protecting and serving is something he says was passed down. But when Atatiana Jefferson was shot and killed by Officer Aaron Dean, who later resigned and was charged with murder, Williams says he was compelled to speak up.

"There is a misunderstanding that you have to defend cops and can't feel bad for a family that lost someone and that is just wrong," Williams said.

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