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Fort Worth Charter School Honors Student Who Suddenly Died of Cancer, Honor Her With Library, Garden

An 8-year-old girl who suddenly died of cancer was honored by her Fort Worth charter school.

Harmony Science Academy of Fort Worth celebrated the life of Nora Islam. The second grader died in April after being diagnosed only a week earlier with leukemia. In her honor, the entire school campus got together last Wednesday wearing the color orange in recognition of leukemia awareness, and in memory of their friend who lost her life way too soon.

"We found a way to help create a situation where Nora Islam's legacy could live on," said Garden Coordinator at Harmony Science Academy, Rachel Brown. "Her legacy is one of innocence, and friendship, and community."

"She helped the kids become friends. So friendship was one of her biggest things. We wanted to build on that," said Nora’s father, Tariq Islam.

In addition to a tree dedication, the outdoor garden and learning center at Harmony Academy will be expanded, to include a new buddy bench as well as a lending library. That library will be filled with some of Nora's personal books.

The "Nora Islam Memorial Scholarship" was also started to provide school supplies to students in need.

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