Following Recent Murders, Dallas Police Chief Talks With Buckner Terrace Neighbors

One day after being questioned by Dallas City Councilmembers skeptical of police data showing a 22-percent drop in violent crime city wide, Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall spoke with neighbors in the Buckner Terrace neighborhood, where a rash of crime has caused concern.

Chief Hall declined an interview with NBC 5 but told neighbors she believes crime there and in Dallas as a whole is improving.

“We’re not where we want to be, we’re not but we’re not making up numbers, they are what they are, so what we know is that some of the things that we are doing in law enforcement in our community engagement is working,” Chief Hall said.

In Buckner Terrace Chief Hall has added patrols, including foot patrols. In the last two months five people have been murdered in just a few block radius near Rothington Road.

Neighborhood councilman Kevin Felder and other city leaders said the added police presence and increased community engagement are working.

"We have to be the eyes and ears of the police department, if we don't report crime the officers won't know where the crime is,” Felder said.

Skyline High School Principal Dr. Janice Lombardi said she agrees.

"The visibility of the police has been greatly improved, so we do see some things taking place," Lombardi said.

According to Dallas Police Crime data, the South East Patrol Division, where Buckner Terrace is located, has seen a nearly 20-percent drop in violent crime.

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