Flu Season May Have Peaked in Dallas County: Doctors

Health officials in Dallas County say the flu outbreak is improving across the county.

Dallas County Health and Human Services officials delivered a weekly breifing on the outbreak to Dallas County Commissioners Tuesday.

"It appears that we have already peaked, in regards to the amount of circulating virus in the community, however viral activity from the flu is still high in our county," said Dr. Christopher Perkins.

Dallas County leads North Texas with 40 deaths reported so far and officials said the death toll could rise, so flu shots are still recommended.

"We’re not out of flu season yet and so we don’t want individuals to have a lax mode, that just because these numbers are going down that they do not need to get the flu shot," Health Director Zach Thompson said.

The new numbers also show this year's outbreak has been worse than previous years.

Experts said far more neighbors than usual are still contageous carriers of the flu virus.

"We still need to exercise precaution," said Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins. "If you’ve had the shot, you wash your hands, avoid being around people who are sick because the shot is roughly 60 percent effective."

Experts continue to suggest residents get the flu vaccine for protection. 

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