Flooding at Joe Pool Lake Causing Big Problems

Flooding is causing serious problems at Joe Pool Lake, where water is 12 and a half feet above normal levels.

“We stay in constant contact with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,” said Grand Prairie Parks Manager Duane Strawn. “They are always letting us know where the levels are coming.”

Strawn said two of the parks on Joe Pool Lake are closed due to flood waters.

He encourages the public to stay away from the lake and parks until the flood waters go down.

“There’s a lot of slip and fall hazards,” explained Strawn. “There is a lot of stuff under water that’s not normally there. It’s good to look, but you got to be careful and not get too close.”

Along with parks being closed, the flooding at Joe Pool Lake is also bad for business.

“It has us shut down,” said Lynn Creek Marina owner Don Walker. “The lake is closed, the marina, restaurant, everything is closed.”

Walker says in the 25 years he has owned this business he has never seen it this high.

“This is really the beginning of our season,” said Walker. “Memorial Day, and of course we were closed, so that’s a huge impact on us.”

Everyone who enjoys this lake are praying the flood waters go down soon.

“We are at about spill way level right now,” said Walker, “About two or three feet more and the water will be going over the spill way. It can get any higher than that.”

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