Five Arrested in Terrell Dog-Fighting Ring

Five people were arrested Monday when the Terrell Police Department was called to a dog fight.

Officers were called to a home in the 500 block of West Newton Street at about 4 p.m. on a report about dog fighting.

Officers found evidence of a recent dog fight and several injured dogs, and a Dallas SPCA rescue and investigation team was called in.

Eleven pit bull and terrier breeds were discovered on the property, police said.

Ten dogs were seized and taken for medical treatment. The eleventh dog was so severely injured, it had to be euthanized.

Police arrested Brian Martin, of Terrell, on two counts of engaging in a dog fight. He was also issued 30 citations for having unregistered and unvaccinated dogs, as well as too many dogs.

Antwian Thomas, also of Terrell, was also arrested on one count of engaging in a dog fight.

Allen Hambrick and Phillip Sterling, both of Terrell, and Varleshae Turner, of Elmo, were each charged with one count of being a spectator at a dog fight.

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