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First Order TIE Fighter ‘Lands' at SXSW in Austin

Ship to remain on display through March 13

Fans of Star Wars: The Force Awakens near Austin this weekend will want to keep their eyes peeled for a life-size First Order TIE Fighter.

The ship "landed" in town to help promote the documentary, Secrets of the Force Awakens: A Cinematic Journey, being debuted Monday during the South by Southwest Film Festival.

The 60-minute film reveals "in-depth footage" and contains "exclusive interviews with the actors and filmmakers" from the blockbuster film and will be screened at noon at the Paramount Theater.

The TIE Fighter will be on display throughout the weekend at the SouthBites Trailer Park -- a food trailer park at 604 Driskell Street that's open to SXSW registrants and the general public.

First Order Tie Fighter Lands at SXSW in Austin

So if you're close, go gawk and take photos. I'll remain here in North Texas, envious. Don't get too close however, the fighter is guarded by two armed First Order stormtroopers.

SouthBites is next to the Austin Convention Center. There are several roads closed downtown for the festivals, so plan accordingly.

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