Field Trip Behind the Scenes at Dallas ISD Production Studios Meant to Expand Students' Minds

Students from Montessori at Onesimo Hernandez spent the morning learning how video and audio production works.

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It was lights, camera, action for Dallas Independent School District students who took a field trip to the district's production studios at Dallas ISD headquarters in Dallas.

"This is our studio where all the magic happens," an instructor told wide-eyed third graders from Montessori at Onesimo Hernandez.

"Wow," 3rd grader Maria Villarreal exclaimed.

Students took turns behind and in front of the cameras in the studio. They also learned about editing, lighting, and audio production.

"I thought it was easy when we looked at the videos, but like, right now it seems really hard. For example, that camera, it has a lot of buttons," Villareal said. "It seems really cool, like being a photographer or looking at the cameras and taking videos of people."

"I didn't want to leave the room, I'm enjoying it so much," 3rd grader Kerri Ranson said in the audio production room. "I want to do this, and then I want to do editing because you're able to add fun sounds!"

The students learned production stories have a beginning, middle and end...just like the books they read in the classroom. So they were applying core curriculum, just in a different way.

"Well I like it because it shows them a different perspective," teacher Juan Jimenez said. "We prepare the student for college, so I hope this is where they learn how to be ready for college, to student hard, and to get a nice job."

The goal was to expose them to possibilities for future careers.

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