FDA Cracks Down on Southlake-Based CBD Retailer

The federal government is taking a stronger approach to cracking down on CBD retailers, claiming the businesses are misleading customers.

One business -- Southlake-based "Noli Oil" -- is threatened with legal action over claims it's making about the newly-regulated products.

But the small business owner says a lack of industry guidelines is causing more confusion.

Heather King opened her "Noli Oil" store in Southlake in 2018 to offer CBD products to customers looking for a natural alternative to pain relief.

"I love it, I love what I do, I love this product and the fact that I can help people." said Heather King, "Noli Oil" store owner.

But in a letter sent by the FDA earlier this week, "Noli Oil" was identified as one of fifteen companies wrongfully advertising CBD's affects to customers.

"I was very shocked because I had no idea that we were doing anything wrong, the CBD industry has been waiting for the FDA to come up with a guide, how we should label, what we should say. I was extremely shocked when I got the letter." said King.

Jennifer Sanders is a regular 'Noli Oil" customer. She says the products sold there have been a lifesaver for her.

"I can't take pain pills so this has been the one relief that I have not been able to find anywhere else, it's not a fad to me, it's something that's changing my life and is making it easier to deal with the pain." said Jennifer Sanders, customer.

Now Sanders fears the FDA's crackdown is an effort from Big Pharma trying to push out the little guys.

"Everyone knows that prescription drugs are so expensive, so this is the only other option that I have," she said. "And for them to take this away - it would be devastating to us, absolutely devastating, because it's not just the physical help they give us but the emotional as well."

King is working with an attorney to remove the wording off of her website. In the meantime, she hopes the FDA will make their guidelines and regulations more clear.

"If we have a standard way we are supposed to label something, market something, we need to know, because right now - it's very difficult. We don't want to violate anything we really want to help people, so we just need rules and regulations." she said.

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