Fan Believes Coffin Display Helps Cowboys Bury Opponents

An Irving man believes his coffin display in the back of his pickup truck helps the Dallas Cowboys bury its opponents.

The display, which includes four mannequins dressed with Cowboys jerseys and helmets, is zip-tied to the bed of Rene Puente's truck. A skeleton is in the coffin with the opposing team's helmet.

"It'll be up the rest of season, until next year, until the Super Bowl in Houston," said Puente.

Puente is confident the Cowboys will make a run Super Bowl run. Don't ask him to change things up now.

"The coffin is made for opponents. It never rots," Puente joked. "We've won nine in a row. Soon it will be 10. On Thanksgiving, we'll be sharing and giving and give the Redskins a whopping that day."

Puente built the coffin display on Halloween in 2015. This year, he expanded it to include a field goal post.

Puente hasn't taken it down all season.

"Somebody said today, 'The Cowboys are putting the voodoo magic on everybody because of that coffin.' I'm sticking with this," said Puente. "There's something going on here and it can't be stopped. It cannot be stopped right now."

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